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Latest Monday, October 10, 2016

CNN Cooks The Books To Give Hillary The Win

CNN Throws Breitbart Some Free Advertising After Debate

Worst Performance Of The Debate Goes To…

Trump Makes Promise About Hillary’s Future

CARTOON: The Hillary Double Standard

Trump Supporters Gather At Trump Tower To Support Candidate

CNN Anchor Has “Never Heard” Anything Like Trump’s Words

Clinton Leaked Gun Control Policy Is HORRENDOUS

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Rape Victim Describes Assault

CNN Sets Up Softball For Hillary In Debate

Trump Unflappable In Wake Of Sex Talk

POLL: Voters Decide What GOP Should Do About Trump’s Comments

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Wanted To Face Trump In November

Could Mike Pence Just Drop Out?

NFL Player Bucks The Kaepernick Effect

Bill’s Travel On Sex Jet Ignored While Trump Is Crucified

Renewed Calls For Trump To Drop Out After Tape Emerges

VIDEO: Hillary Again Chastises Supporters For Money

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