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Latest Tuesday, October 11, 2016

VIDEO: Democratic Voter Fraud Planning Caught On Tape!

CARTOON: A Fly, Like A Pig To…

Rumors Swirl Over Trump Tape Source, And They are SHOCKING

Shocking Killer Clown Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: Trump Has A Very Special Guest On Stage In PA

Hillary Leaks Reveal Massive ISIS News

Massive Trump Crowd Gives CNN Nasty Tribute

VIDEO: Hillary Ejects Man From Rally, Suggests “Intervention”

Justice Ginsburg Lays Into Colin Kaepernick

Hillary’s True Thoughts On Terrorism Exposed In Leak

Did Anonymous Leak Proof Of Bill’s Pedophilia?

Leaked Emails Show Conspiracy Between Hillary And Facebook

Paul Ryan Flips Again On Donald Trump

CARTOON: Choices, Choices, Choices

CNN Cooks The Books To Give Hillary The Win

CNN Throws Breitbart Some Free Advertising After Debate

Worst Performance Of The Debate Goes To…

Trump Makes Promise About Hillary’s Future

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