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Latest Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gary Johnson Reveals His Supreme Court Picks

Phil Robertson Takes Trump To Bible Study

Third Party Candidate In Tie With Trump, Clinton In Utah

New Email Leaks Reveal Hillary Scripted Interviews With Press

Obama Attacking Christians For Forgiving Trump

GOP Coup Planned For 6 Weeks, Trump Was Warned

Bill Clinton Hurls Insults At Trump Supporters

Leaked Emails Show Hillary Campaign Involved In UFO Disclosures

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Terrified Of Marco Rubio

Wikileaks Exposes Massive Debate Cheating By DNC

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Truthers Interrupt Obama Rally

The Award for Best Performance in a Con Job Series Goes to …

VIDEO: YouTube Purposefully Hiding Ad Regarding Hillary’s Health

Trump Declares War On Traitorous GOP

Hillary Ready To Give Up On Vetting Refugees

Hillary’s Most Damning Leak To Date

VIDEO: Democratic Voter Fraud Planning Caught On Tape!

CARTOON: A Fly, Like A Pig To…

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