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Trump Picks Up MASSIVE Veteran Endorsement

Biden Sticks Up For Womanizer Bill Clinton

Clinton Once Again Goes Into Hiding

VIDEO: Jon Voight Pleads With You To Help Save America

Deal With the Warmongers: American Politicians

CARTOON: Bait And Switch

Polls Show What America Thinks About Liberal Media

Trump An “Absolute Gentleman” Says Pageant Contestant

Hillary Gains Another Hacker Enemy

Joe The Plumber Now VP Of Public Relations For Liberty Alliance

Did Wikileaks Reveal That Justice Scalia Was Murdered?

VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather Verbally KO’s Colin Kaepernick

Russia Warns That A Hillary Victory Means War

U.S. Takes Massive Military Action Against Iran

CARTOON: Fingers In The Dam

VIDEO: Lou Dobbs Exposes Clinton’s Defrauding Of Bernie Backers

Leaked Clinton Emails Reveal Bigotry, Intolerance

Liberal New York Times Attempts Smear Of Trump

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