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Latest Thursday, October 27, 2016

POLL: Americans Absolutely DETEST Gun Control

VIDEO: Trump ANNIHILATES CNN Reporter Over Insulting Question

Trump Picks Up Comic Creator Endorsement

Press Now Whining That Trump Supporters Don’t Trust Them

VIDEO: Clinton Cannot Climb Single Step Unassisted

Illinois Voting Machines Changing Votes From Trump To Clinton

VIDEO: Clinton Surrogate Attempts To Ignore Massive Foundation Scandal

Clinton Campaign Concerned Over Bubba’s Behavior, Emails Say

Kaine Says Catholic Church Should Support Same Sex Marriage

CARTOON: The Creature From Corrupt Lagoon

Selective Media Ignoring Anti-Trump Violence

Texas Seeing Massive Illegal Influx Ahead Of Election

Sledgehammer Attack On Trump Carried Out In Hollywood

CARTOON: Duck and Cover Up

Trump’s Florida Surge Turning The State Red

Michael Moore Drops “Terrorist” Moniker For Trump Supporters

VIDEO: Trump Responds To Biden’s Threats

White House Preparation H

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