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Latest Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump Unflappable In Wake Of Sex Talk

POLL: Voters Decide What GOP Should Do About Trump’s Comments

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Wanted To Face Trump In November

Could Mike Pence Just Drop Out?

NFL Player Bucks The Kaepernick Effect

Bill’s Travel On Sex Jet Ignored While Trump Is Crucified

Renewed Calls For Trump To Drop Out After Tape Emerges

VIDEO: Hillary Again Chastises Supporters For Money

BLM Effect Sends Female Officer To Hospital

Sunday’s Debate Will Be Even More Hostile Toward Trump

VIDEO: Joe Biden Gets It – Hillary’s Not All That Great

NFL Takes Huge Hit Over Kaepernick Nonsense

Controlled Opposition: No Other Options? Who Told You That?

Taxpayer Money Funneled To Strippers Through DOD

Trump Inspiring Millions To Cast Ballots

College Students Create Racist Clothing Brand

Clinton Reneges On Hurricane Ad Buy

Bubba’s Promiscuous Past Hits The Mainstream

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