Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Could Cruz Be Coming On Board The Trump Train?

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Lobbyists Cut From Trump Transition Team

Trump Protesters Claim First Casualty In New Segregation

More Violence Against Trump Supporters Rocks Nation

Love Hate Election

Sheldon Adelson Ally Sen. Tom Cotton Brings Back Federal Internet Gambling Ban

Google, Facebook Set To Stifle Conservative News Sites

Liberal Media Ignored By Majority Due To Trust Issues

Snowflake Students OUTRAGED By Use Of Thomas Jefferson Quote

Breitbart Ready To Fire Back At Major Media Outlet

CARTOON: Bon Appetit, Doubters

Arrested Portland Protesters Voted For…No One

Deputy Saved By Good Guy With A Gun, Liberals Silent

Auto Industry Already Feeling The “Trump Effect”

Breitbart Editor Fights Back At CNN Over Bannon Hit Pieces

BREAKING: Hillary Drunkenly Assaulted Podesta On Election Night

Trump and Putin Team Up To Annihilate ISIS

Trump, Not Yet Sworn In, Calls To Offer Help To New Zealand

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