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Latest Friday, November 18, 2016

CARTOON: The Reawakening

TV News Reporter Gets Canned For Her Trump Support

Trump Cabinet Coming Together With Attorney General Pick

Tom Hanks Throws Some Positive Thoughts In Trump’s Direction

VIDEO: Liberal Protester Gets SCHOOLED By Tucker Carlson

Jon Stewart Defends Trump Voters In New Interview?

CARTOON: Chicago As A Sanctuary City

Hillary’s FBI Scapegoat Story Eviscerated By New Poll

Clinton Emerges From Seclusion, Appears Despondent

VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway ANNIHILATES Crybaby Liberal Protesters

Trump Captured Far More Millennial Votes Than Predicted

Trump’s Fight Against Special Interests Continues

Conservative News Sources To Be Deemed “Fake” By Google

Teenage Trump Supporter Beaten By Classmates

Pepsi Co Gets Ugly Surprise After Bashing The President-Elect

CARTOON: Love Hate Election Relationship

Could Cruz Be Coming On Board The Trump Train?

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Lobbyists Cut From Trump Transition Team

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