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Latest Wednesday, November 2, 2016

30 Year Itch

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lie About 9/11

Trump Is A Step Up From Romney, Says News Poll Of Women

Trump Just Made YUGE Waves In Critical Swing State

The War On Police Comes To Iowa In Sadistic Ambush

VIDEO: Clinton Loses Mind Over Anti-Bill Protestor

Clinton Resorting To Scare Tactics With One Week Left

Border Patrol Cooking The Books To Assist Hillary

Bubba’s Illegitimate Son Reaching To Lewinsky For Help

VIDEO: Hillary Laughs Off FBI As “Distraction”

Democratic Office In Pennsylvania Raided On Account Of Voter Fraud

FBI Could Drag 5 Investigations Into Clinton White House

CARTOON: Where There’s Smoke…

One Week Out, ABC News Poll Shows…

No Link Between Trump And Russia According To FBI

Latest Troop Poll Ruins Hillary, Has Surprise Winner

Liberal Actors Tank Beer Sales, Get Canned

VIDEO: Hillary Caught Bussing Voters To The Polls

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