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Latest Friday, November 25, 2016

Russia Tells U.S. To “Get Out Of The Way”

Black Lives Matter Take On Black Friday In Absurd Action

Massachusetts College Pulls American Flag From Campus

Mall Santa Gets The Boot After Hillary Clinton Joke

VIDEO: Proof That The Donald Smashed Popular Vote Too

WashPo Jumps On “Fake News” Bandwagon With Russia Accusation

New Research Shows That Global Sea Ice Has…

Racy TV Star Again Reneges On Threat To Move To Canada

Israel Falls Victim To Wild Jihadi Arson

Reddit Bans “Pizzagate” Discussion Citing Witch Hunt Concerns

NPR Outs “Fake News” Originator As Liberal California Democrat

The Michigan Count Finally Finishes, And The Winner Is…

Mexican Cement Company Signs Up To Build Trump’s Wall

Another Liberal CEO Turns Away Trump Supporters From Business

VIDEO: “Drain The Swamp” Now Considered Racist On The Left

Trump Will Take The Ax To NASA’s Global Warming Hoax Research

Sore Loser Recount Demanded In Several States By…

Dr. Ben Carson May Be Coming On Board After All

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