Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Free Speech Boundaries Tested In Texas Twitter Tirade

America’s Wealthy And Elite Building Bunkers In Large Numbers

HORIFFIC: Tennessee In Flames As Gatlinburg Evacuated

Donald Trump Supporter Banned For Life From Delta Airlines

CARTOON: Jill and Hill, Gal Pals

Wisconsin Sends Jill Stein Packing, No Hand Recount To Occur

Pope Francis Pens Lovey Dovey Letter To Castro’s Son

Trump’s Hat Game Takes a Step Forward Now That He’s President-Elect

Rampage at Ohio State: Car and Knife Attack On Campus

CARTOON: Mourning In America

Pennsylvania To Allow Semi-Autos For Hunting

Trump Claim Of “Illegal Voters” Backed Up By Facts

North Korea Stages Ridiculous Pro-Castro Stunt

VIDEO: Hampshire College Sees Veteran Protest Over Flag Nonsense

Kaepernick Gets On-Field Justice After Pro-Castro Rant

Rubio Goes After Obama’s Weak Castro Response

Iran Seeks To Expand Military Presence In Middle East

Google Fixes Anti-Trump Maps Hack

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