Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Facebook Employees Jumping Ship After “Fake” News Debacle

Hillary Crony Checks Into Mental Hospital On Election Night

Trump Goes After Immigration Reform After Ohio State Attack

The ‘Nut’ Cracker

Trump Suggests HARSH Penalties For Flag Burners

Dollar Headed For Big Jump Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

Starbucks Bomber Found To Have Ties To ISIS

Free Speech Boundaries Tested In Texas Twitter Tirade

America’s Wealthy And Elite Building Bunkers In Large Numbers

HORIFFIC: Tennessee In Flames As Gatlinburg Evacuated

Donald Trump Supporter Banned For Life From Delta Airlines

CARTOON: Jill and Hill, Gal Pals

Wisconsin Sends Jill Stein Packing, No Hand Recount To Occur

Pope Francis Pens Lovey Dovey Letter To Castro’s Son

Trump’s Hat Game Takes a Step Forward Now That He’s President-Elect

Rampage at Ohio State: Car and Knife Attack On Campus

CARTOON: Mourning In America

Pennsylvania To Allow Semi-Autos For Hunting

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