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Latest Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trump Tough Talk Targets Crooked Clintons

CARTOON: See No Evil

CARTOON: The Other Halves

When the Clowns Laugh at their Own Jokes: The Joke is on You, America!

Climate Change Hoax: Winters Getting Cooler

Liberals Go Berserk At Penn State, Tear Down Pro-Trump Displays

CARTOON: Honest Hillary’s Cherry Tree

Obama Uses Doomsday Language To Push Voters

Trump Vs. Clinton In A Poll Of “Honesty”

CARTOON: Hillary’s Great Russian Diversion

Obama Caught Once Again In Hillary Email Nonsense

FBI Says Indictment “Likely” In Clinton Foundation Case

Election Discount Available On Gun Manufacturer Website

VIDEO: Obama Uses Sexism As Reverse Psychology

Chicago On Track For Deadliest Year In A Decade

DiCaprio Global Warming Flick TANKS On Television

30 Year Itch

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lie About 9/11

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