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Latest Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump Gets Endorsement From New England Patriots’ Coach And QB

VIDEO: Hillary Jeered Offstage In Los Angeles On Final Day

VIDEO: Why Women Hate Hillary Clinton

More Violence Against Trump Supporters In Maryland

2016 Civil War Graffiti Discovered In Massachusetts

VIDEO: Project Veritas Given Huma Abedin’s Ballot, Fraud Inevitable

Republicans Surging Into Lead In Colorado Early Voting

Vegas Odds On A Trump Victory Will Shock You

Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Hillary’s Beyonce Stunt

Midwest Key To Trump Victory Tomorrow Night

Wikileaks Confirms Media Collusion Against Republicans

CARTOON: The End Is Near

California Woman Faces Jail time For Selling Ceviche

Hillary Attendance Low Even With King James’ Help

VIDEO: Hillary’s Cough Is Back Just In Time For Tuesday

Obama Makes Case For Illegals To Vote

Wikileaks Has Clinton Campaign On The Defensive Before Tuesday

ISIS Calling For Massive Wave Of Tuesday Attacks

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