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Latest Thursday, December 1, 2016

Could Megyn Kelly End Up On CNN After Fox Fallout?

Statue Of Jesus Left Standing After Gatlinburg Fires

Record Breaking Cold Headed For U.S. Despite “Global Warming”

CARTOON: Adios, El Presidente

Obama Changes Tune On Legal Weed 6 Weeks Before Leaving White House

Voters Rejected Government Price Controls on Prescription Drugs

War On Christmas Comes To Minnesota Cul De Sac

Green Party Slams Stein Over Recounts, Removes Her From…

Ohio State Attacker Was Studying “Micro Aggressions”, Social Justice

ESPN Ratings Tank After Months Of Liberal Nonsense

Obama Blasts Fox News On His Way Out The Door

Apple Joins “Fake” News Gestapo With Removal Of Breitbart

Facebook Employees Jumping Ship After “Fake” News Debacle

Hillary Crony Checks Into Mental Hospital On Election Night

Trump Goes After Immigration Reform After Ohio State Attack

The ‘Nut’ Cracker

Trump Suggests HARSH Penalties For Flag Burners

Dollar Headed For Big Jump Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

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