Sunday, December 18, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ron Paul Puts Russia-Blamers in Their Place

VIDEO: The New Gods of Truth

New York Times Insinuates The Unthinkable

National Security Demands Commitment to Computer Education in Our Schools

Hillary Not Out of The Woods Yet on Health Issues

China Makes Big Stink Over U.S. Sub Drone

YUGE Swath of US Supports Trump Ahead of Inauguration

VIDEO: Julian Assange Drops Bombshell Regarding Mainstream Media

NYT Makes Derogatory and Treasonous Claim About Trump

Could Facebook Be Fined For Not Removing “Fake” News Fast Enough?

The War on Electors Rages On Across The Nation

States That Went For Hillary Are All Falling To Pieces

Michelle Lashes Out at We The People, Calls America “Hopeless”

The Richest Counties In The United States Are All…

Global Warming Hoax Faces Unfathomable Cold in NH

Hillary Still Battling Post-Election Depression, Say Party-Goers

Obama Vows to Retaliate Against Russia For Alleged Cyber Attacks

Democratic Lawmaker Wants To Postpone Electoral Vote

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