Saturday, December 31, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, December 31, 2016

Black Lives Matter Jerk Spits In Cop’s Coffee, Gets Cheered

Another Russian Hacker Story Gets Blown To Bits

Trump Spokesman Reiterates “No War” Policies In Wake of Obama

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Most Ridiculous Moments of 2016

Trump Ushering In Common Sense on Climate Change

Obama’s Desparate Push To Handcuff Trump’s White House

Trump Inauguration To Be Low Key – Ready to Get to Work

CARTOON: The Angry Duck’s Farewell Gift

VIDEO: Liberals Triggered by “Build The Wall” Shirt

Russians Mock Obama for Lame Duck Sanctions

Islam in the Hands of the Globalists: Either Submit or Else?

Facebook Backlash Over Censorship Reaching Fever Pitch

New Glasses Hide Identity From Surveillance State and Big Brother

Obama Expels Russian Diplomats Over Phony Election Allegations

ISIS Pushing New Year Massacres In New Outreach

Crazed Man Arrested After Demanding McD’s Kill Christmas Tunes

Soros Fully Panicked, Calls Trump “Dictator”

Latin American ISIS Connections Strengthening, Cash Flow Exploding

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