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Latest Thursday, December 8, 2016

China’s Nuclear Arsenal To Get Boost To Deal With Trump

CARTOON: Trump Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Facebook Back in Censorship Game Over “Fake” News

Trump Bucks Gore And Warming Hoaxers in EPA Pick

Massive Rehires For U.S. Steel After Trump Win

Americans Fine With Trump Continuing To Run Businesses

Global Warming Hoax: Chicago Breaks Early Snowfall Record

War On Christmas Gets Literal In New York City

Could Italy Be Dumping European Union Next?

CNN Sued For Racism, Refuses to Acknowledge Lawsuit

Court Rules On Jill Stein’s Ridiculous Michigan Recount

Time’s Person Of The Year Winner Is No Surprise

It’s Not Over Yet!

Mick Mulvaney should be Trump’s OMB Director

WIKILEAKS: Colbert and Clinton Collaborated On Episodes

China Brands Trump “Rookie”, Tells Him To Fall In Line

Trump To Boeing: Bring Air Force One Costs DOWN

Congresswoman Calls New Secessionists “Rational People”

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