Thursday, February 11, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Than 60 People Killed in Jihadist Suicide Bombing

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court Just Gave President Obama the Middle Finger

Hillary Loses in New Hampshire

MUST SEE VIDEO: Possible Voter Fraud Caught on Camera in New Hampshire??

SHOCK: Ford Makes This HUGE Announcement… Trump Was Right

SHOCKING: New ISIS Video Shows Four-year-old British Boy Nicknamed ‘Jihadi Junior’ Blowing Up Four Alleged Spies in a Car

Mexico Says They Won’t Pay for Border Wall, So Trump Responds With THIS

FBI Can’t Proceed With San Bernardino Evidence Because Of THIS – UNBELIEVABLE!

Nugent attacked for ‘anti-Semitic’ Facebook post calling pro-gun-control Jewish politicians ‘Nazis in disguise’

School Bans This Student from Flying American Flag until…

Obama Guilty: Accessory to Gang Violence

SURVEILLANCE: Spy Cameras installed in Boston, Chicago, & DC to identify the suspicious activity?

Whoopi Says She's a Slave Because She "Only" Makes $5 million

Clinton Loses NH: Takes Half of Delegates From Winner

Cryogenically frozen rabbit brain returned 'near-perfectly' from preservation

Intel Chief Says THIS is the Biggest Threat in History

New York Times Writer Blames the Myth of a Science-Religion Rift on Intelligent Design

Gunman ambushes and executes two cops in Maryland… targeted because of their uniforms

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