Friday, February 12, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, February 12, 2016

Big Brother Wants to Send Agents To Your House for "Home Visits"

More Proof Obama is Actively Supporting the Movement to Delegitimize the State of Israel

Bipartisan Bill to Abolish the The Draft Introduced

Police Do Nothing as Illegal Alien Supporters Destroy This!

Iran Mocks U.S. Soldiers in Parade, Leaders Openly Laughing

A Heavy Sign that Another Financial Crisis is Ahead…

Hands Up – Don't Sue!

Ben Carson Just Made A HORRIBLE Announcement – This Is Very Sad!

BOOM! Megyn Kelly & Bill O’Reilly at War After She SLAPS His Show With INSULT on National TV!

'7,000 retweets and I'll smash this b****'s computer': Outrage at student who publicly threatened classmate over Trump sticker

BIZARRE: Man casually walks into a restaurant and hacks a male customer with a machete

'Algerian sex attacker shouted to Allah" while raping a young girl… THEN THIS HAPPENED!

Four Types of Socialists in America? You Betcha!

State Dept Investigators Subpoena Clinton Foundation Documents!

Hillary Loses | Political Cartoons | A.F. Branco

The Difference Between Conservative and Liberal Mindsets is PERFECTLY Illustrated Here

Candace Cameron Bure Just Broke Down Everything Wrong with Feminism

Peyton Manning Revealed What Cam Newton Screamed at Him at the Super Bowl

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