Saturday, February 13, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, February 13, 2016

Guess Who Is Calling for "Increased Civility" in Politics?

Gov't Employee to Miner: My Authority Supersedes the United States Constitution

Global Warming Update: NASA Offers Another Excuse (I Mean, 'Study')

Do You Remember The Man Who Walked 21 Miles A Day To And From Work- Here’s An Update!

WHOA! Is This Why Sanders Is Going Easy on Hillary?

Twitter's War Against Conservative Points of View

At What Level Will The Term Treason Apply?

Hysterical and Sad: Watch Americans Don't Even Know Who Won NH Primary

Lincoln and Darwin: Born the SAME Same Day but Lives Had Opposite Effects!

Clinton Foundation Finally Under Investigation?

UN Demands US Pay Reparations, Says Nothing of Islam

Former Obama Administration Official: Hillary Should End Her Campaign

Don't Let Them See!

How Are GOP Frontrunners Polling Against Hillary Clinton- Is Her Campaign Finally Falling Apart!?

Major Development in Oregon Standoff – After 41 Days Now This Has Happened!

Gay Conservative Writer Gets Interrupted By 'Black Lives Matter' During Speech…Then This Happens

BOOM! Clinton Foundation Receives Subpoena- This Could Change Everything!

Negative Thinking

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"May Freedom Fly Forever" Jigsaw Puzzle


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