Sunday, February 14, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hillary Didn't Get Her Way; Latest Batch of Damaging E-mails Released BEFORE SC Primary

FED UP! NJ Troopers Write Letter to NFL about Beyonce’s Halftime Show Performance- This Is Good

This Hollywood Star Just Announced What Candidate He Supports As President- Very Surprising!

THOUSANDS Demanding Suspension of MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Court overturns order on THESE 'Fast and Furious' documents!

Shoes Are Washing Up Along the Pacific Coast—What Authorities Are Finding In Them? HORRIFYING!

The Crawling Eye: Cells as Lenses

New Batch of Hillary Emails Contain MORE Classified Info!

Wild, wild floods!

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies 

Thieves Stole This Woman’s Car Found A Note In Glove Box, Then URGENTLY Returned It- Because…

Man, 21, Is Live Streaming On Periscope- Sadly Ends Up Filming His Own Death When THIS Happens….

This SUPERSTAR Witnessed An U.S. Soldier Being Disrespected –IMMEDIATELY Takes Action!

Father Takes His Own Life With A FLICK Of A Switch-While Others Stood-By Wanting To Film IT!

After RIPPING Beyonce A New One, This Blonde Anchor Got Death Threats – WATCH Her EPIC Response!

These Hollywood Celebrities Demanded LATINOS Vote Against ALL REPUBLICANS-Then THIS Happens…

Old Man Touched When His Wife Did THIS on His Death Bed – When You See It, You’ll Know Why

Mozart's Unfinished Opera Adopts Pro-refugee Message

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