Monday, February 15, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, February 15, 2016

Sheriff Holds Obama Accountable for Mistreatment of Law Enforcement

State Dept. Finally Mass Releases Hillary Emails

Sudden Death of a Conservative SC Justice Causes Concern

Breaking: Hillary's Illegal Intelligence Operation

Justice and Liberty Weep

Beetles and Bears Inspire Technologies

Nerves Find Their Way in the Dark

We discovered a video of Trump at the 1988 Republican convention, what he said may shock you

Warning! Islamization in Progress: Did Your Child Participate in 'World Hijab Day?'

THIS Country Takes Issue With Beyonce's SuperBowl Performance – ‘We Don’t Support Black Panthers!’

Elderly Man Sees Car In Flames On The Side Of The Road-What He Did Next Is What Makes Him A HERO!

Unbelievable! Hillary Clinton Tied to How Many Federal Investigations?

FLASHBACK: Larry King Interviews Trump at 1998 Republican Convention

What Ben Carson Said About Obama Nominating A New Supreme Court Justice

2 Hours Before Scalia's Death Was Reported, TX Republican Leadership Did THIS!

Senator Goes On ‘O’Reilly Factor’ And Tries To Knock Trump – O’Reilly FIRES Back HARDCORE

Does Mitch McConnell Have Enough Backbone?

Hillary's Aide And Friend, Huma Abedin Caught Doing This To Another Woman!

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