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Man Cites This Law as Reason He Exposes Himself to Young Girls

Interview with Former Clinton Mistress Reveals a LOT…Whoa!

PolitiChick Predicts Hillary Won’t Get the Nomination

Lowe’s Just Gave A MASSIVE Middle Finger to ‘Offended’ Muslims

Ted Cruz Eligibility Case Heads to Court

You Can’t Be A Christian And A Republican?? Ben Carson’s Has The Answer To That For You…

Watch Hillary Clinton Dance Around Lying To The American People [VIDEO]

F-Bombs fly as Jeb campaign denies being broke!

Here's How The DNC is Helping Clinton "Buy Off" Superdelegates

Superdelegates | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Killer used bat to bludgeon and hacksaw to dismember Navy crewman in a BIZARRE episode

CONVICTED: Men beat man with frying pan, battery-filled sock, before pouring bleach in his eyes

Tar-like substance falls from the sky in Michigan [VIDEO]

Hillary’s Lies Only Told on Days that End in Y

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