Thursday, February 25, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, February 25, 2016

Archaeologists Unearth Fabric and Leather From David and Solomon Copper Mines

Abortion Clinics Closing For Health and Safety Violations

Liberals Bent on Impeaching KY Governor for Keeping Campaign Promises

Another Documented Trump Flip-Flop: But, It Won't Matter

Experts Warn: ISIS Could Launch A Mass Drone Attack on Stadiums

Hollywood to Boycott the State of Georgia?

Ultimate Power Party Fundraiser for Hillary, Guess Who’s Attending?

MASSIVE 3-Peak Cyst On Patient's Head… Watch What Squirted Out [GRAPHIC]

White House Vetting A REPUBLICAN for Possible SCOTUS Pick?

February 2016: Comet Hits Atlantic With Force of Atomic Bomb

Black Panther Video Is Spreading Across Internet And Looks Like It’s Bad News For Beyonce

These “Sick” Signs Are Going Up All Across the US- Now Haters Want Them Taken Down NOW!

Bethke: Is Swearing A Sin Against The Creator?

Saeed Abedini Reflects On Christ’s Torture For Our Salvation

Tennessee Man and Bible Pulled From Car Moments Before Explosion

(VIDEO) Obama Jokes About Replacing Supreme Court Justice

Swedish Girl Re-rescued From ISIS Stronghold In Mosul

Georgia Business Requires Employees To Conceal Shotguns

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