Friday, February 26, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, February 26, 2016

Kim Davis Given NRB President's Award For Loyalty to Christian Values

Canada Is Ready to Let MDs Kill the Mentally Ill

More Indications Earth Is Unique

Carson Gives Obama a Dose of His Own Medicine… Liberals are Howling

'Offended' Liberals Are Calling for a 'Duck Dynasty' Boycott Because of THIS

Convicted Felon walks into factory with a gun “spraying everybody,” media CLAIMS he was BULLIED?

Father Banned from Daughter's Graduation After Battle Over Islam Teachings

Is it Time to Betray the Establishment?

Woman Helps A Struggling Homeless Middle Eastern Woman In Walmart… Then Feels Something Warm

BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Senate Just Defied Obama In A HUGE WAY With A Unanimous Decision!

A Dummy Runs A Biker Right Off The Road, Then Learns Why It Was A BAD Move Seconds Later

Undercover video exposes illegal volunteers inside the Bernie Sanders campaign [VIDEO]

These Ungrateful Muslim Refugees Decided To Spit On & Flip Off Police — BIG Mistake

PHOTOS: Hitler Thought This Would Be Safe From The World. But What Archaeologists Just Unearthed? WOW

Horrific: Here's the most HONEST video out there about the refugee crisis

EU migration system could ‘completely break down’ in 10 days!

NYT Editorial Board to Hillary “Cough Up Those Transcripts”

BOMBSHELL! USCIS Agrees with ICE: Says THIS About Marco Rubio

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