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Latest Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marco Rubio: Our Issue is Not With Islam

Bernie's In Trouble: Feds Flag Thousands in Illegal Campaign Contributions

WHOA! Donald Trump Just Tweeted This Picture of Rubio and it’s Going VIRAL – When You See It…

ALERT: USA Facing Highest Terror Threat Level Since September 11 – Spread This Everywhere!

These Black Students Claimed To be Victims Of Racist Assault, But Video Proves They Cried Wolf!

Cyber-Attacks More EXTENSIVE Than Originally Thought

PANIC TIME: GOP Donors Hire Firm to Research Independent Bid?!?

After San Bernardino Terrorists Attack, Guess What Has Skyrocketed?

Transgender Bathrooms | Political Cartoon | A.F.Branco 

MUST SEE VIDEO: Watch what Father and son DO when they cut this thing OPEN!

These Muslims Were Praying… Then Allah Gave Them a CHILLING Surprise

WOW: Colbert Labels Hillary a LIAR on Live TV

Men in the Women’s Bathroom

Five Years Of Photos Of War In Syria

Trump 97% To 99% Likely To Be President

500,000 Early Votes in Texas Favor Ted Cruz

Mark Zuckerberg Orders Facebook Employees to Stop Saying All Lives Matter

Arms Dealers Use Facebook To Sell Weapons To Palestinians and ISIS

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