Sunday, February 28, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, February 28, 2016

Burn! Did This Rubio Insult On Trump Go A Little Too Far?

Chris Christie Humiliated When Trump Says THIS To Him – Wait For It….

Need More Proof that Hillary Isn't Qualified to Be President?

Kasich: "I'll Win Ohio…If Others Can't Win Their Home State They Got to Get Out!

DISCOVERY! Time Capsule Trunk Of German Soldier During WWII, Dug Up- Look What’s Inside!

BOOM! Ted Cruz Just Unleashed This Ad- Calls Out Trump On His Lies About THIS Issue!

Breaking: Chris Christie Has Endorsed a Candidate

Clinton Tells Marine to “Shut Up and Listen”

Hate Crime Statistics Don’t Follow Media Narrative

Discrimination Cost This City Big…

Black Lives Matter Supporters Booted from Hillary’s Rally

Governor Christie Explains Change of Heart Over the Once “Unfit” For President, Donald Trump

McConnell Preparing to Sacrifice Presidency to Save Senate Seats??

Meet the Woman charged with providing firearms to Kansas plant gunman 

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke takes on ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement

Republican Donors Plan Independent Run to Stop Trump

Deadpool Defines Sin as Mental Sickness

Max Lucado Gets Political On Trump

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