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Latest Friday, February 5, 2016

Obama Visits Radical Mosque…Then DROPS THIS 5-Word Bombshell That Will Give You Chills

Washington, DC council passes proposal to PAY residents up to $9,000 so they won’t commit crime

REVEALED: Why The Global Warming/Climate Change Industry Is a Massive SCAM

Dinesh D’Souza Debates Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

BLM Caught in Racial Hoax: Students Fear for Life

Awesome Kid Will Inspire You To Dance

BREAKING: Elections Board Issues Huge Statement on Cruz’s Eligibilty

University Of Connecticut Creates Black-Only Living Space. Segregation Is Back!

Your Brain Has More Memory Than the Internet

The Real Story on the Carson/Cruz Dust Up – What the MEDIA Won't Report

Two Views of Biology: Structuralism vs. Functionalism

Muslims Have Posted Signs That BAN Women From Walking Into STARBUCKS!!!

DC Prostitute’s BLACK BOOK Filled With High Profile Politicians Can Impact The Presidential Election

Seven-month-old baby slaughtered with his parents in TWISTED drug ring

ISIS Bombmaker Cries- Wishes He Was Dedicated Enough To Blow Himself Up For Allah, BUT…

OMG Girl Endures Through Massive Infestation of THESE In Her Ears, Before Learning THIS!

Did Hillary Just Implicate Bill?

Jesse Watters Asks Students Why They Supported Socialist Sanders [VIDEO]

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