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Latest Saturday, February 6, 2016

‘Get a Damn Job’: Dr. Phil Destroys The ‘Entitlement Culture’ in America With Epic Monologue

Teen Pulled Into Car & Gang Raped By Muslims, BUT What Authorities Do Is Even WORSE

OMG! Kids Are Crying For Hours, Then Toddler Opens Door & They See What’s Behind Him…

Carolina Panther Bonds with Teammate He Paralyzed

WOW! Hillary Clinton Dares To Tweet THIS About Flint Water Crisis, INSTANTLY Regrets it…

Geraldo Explains Sanders' Surge: 'Everyone's Smoking Dope'

Border Security Caucus Outraged Over What They Found During Border Tour

Growing Support for "Article 1" Project to Restore Balance of Powers Abandoned by Congress

“Refugees” Think They Can Rape and Rob…But the “Soldiers of Odin” Have Other Plans.

Baby was STUCK after car crash that killed her mother – but was saved from icy river when cops heard STRANGE voice calling for help

Cop See Something Is Not Right About Homeless Man, Then Realizes What He Has…

Check Out This Hilarious Church Sign About Adam and Eve is Going Viral, Here’s why…

WOW: Hollywood Is Outraged After Clint Eastwood Says THIS About the ‘All White’ Oscars

SHOCKER: Obama Hid “Jesus” at Catholic University – YET Allows “Allah” to Be Widely Displayed During Islamic Center Speech


New Report: ISIS Fighters Entering Europe Disguised As WHAT?

FBI: ISIS Sympathizers Father THWARTED Mass Church Shooting

Shocking Footage Of Teen Girl Beaten Unconscious In School Bathroom By 4 Other Girls, Then She Takes A Stand And Does THIS!

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