Monday, February 8, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, February 8, 2016

Beyoncé Drops Raunchy ‘Black Pride’ Single Just Before Super Bowl Performance

This 1960s Commercial For An ‘Automatic’ Toy Tommy Gun Would Have Today’s Liberals Fuming

Hillary Does Wall Street

Awesome Homemade Gatling Gun Made With Six Coke Bottles WHAT?

Vicious ‘Advice From Monica’ Meme Crushes Clinton’s Campaign

BAM! Donald Trump: I Won’t Let Them Take Your Guns!

Thug breaks into stranger’s garage, but guess who was already there?

Officials report leak at New York nuclear power plant. Are we in danger?

Oh CRAP! Look What Happens When College Kids Are Asked WHY They Support Bernie Sanders…

Americans Poisoned by the 'Gospel of Envy'

Are Our Bodies the Product of "Unintelligent Design"?

Organized complexity—how atheistic assumptions hinder science

Future of Obamacare: Girl Dies While Waiting For Hospital Bed

Obama Proposing to 'Shift Power Away from the States' in Latest Fiscal Crisis

Now THOUSANDS Gathering To Protest ISLAM Across The Globe -Violence Flooding The Streets

Man Is Arrested After Planning To Do This HORRIFYING Act, To Detroit Church, In Support Of ISIS!

Muslim Migrant RAPES 10-Yr Old Boy, Then Tells Police It Was A Sexual Emergency…Because Of THIS!

Mother Orders Ballet Tights From An Asian EBay Seller, Finds DISTURBING Note In Delivered Package…

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"May Freedom Fly Forever" Jigsaw Puzzle


12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Glass

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