Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pakistan Governor Murdered for Defending Christians Against Muslim Laws

Professional Beggar Makes As Much As Prime Minister David Cameron

Mother Invents Eyeglasses For Down Syndrome Children

Darwin’s Evil Fruit Exposed

The Physics and Biology of the Olfactory Sense

Texas Referendum Requires Schools to Use Birth Certificate to Determine Athlete's Gender

Head-to-Head Poll: Sanders/Clinton Both Beat Donald Trump

Federal Judge: Justice Dept. Can't Force Apple to Provide iPhone Hack

Woman Cringes Red-Faced When A Viral Photo Of Her Memory-Foam Mattress Reveals THIS!

‘He Was Literally Out Of Time’: Baby Boy’s Heart Stops Beating- Then Something Miraculous Happens!

Benghazi Heroes Just Endorsed THIS Presidential Candidate- You May Be Surprised!

Husband Uses A Hammer To Do The UNSPEAKABLE To His Wife- Now He’s Being Charged For It…

Pastor SHOT DEAD During Sermon- It Is WHO Shot Him That Is The Most SHOCKING!

WAIT..WHAT!? He almost got out of a DUI, but then he said THIS to the police officer…

Netanyahu Tells Homosexuals About Image of God

Anaheim Illegal Immigration Protest Turns Bloody

71 Year-old Ohio Pastor Shot Dead During Service

Southern Baptists Excommunicate Homosexual Affirming Church

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