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Latest Thursday, March 10, 2016

What if the FBI is onto Hillary Clinton? [VIDEO]

Florida Governor KICKED OFF MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Arizona Sheriff Can’t Take It Anymore, Spills Obama’s Deep Dark Border Patrol Secret

GOP Family Vacation

THOUSANDS of PA Democrats Switch to Republican Due To Trump

GOP Family Vacation | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco 

DUMBEST passenger EVER pulls out a gun to rob his taxi driver…. The realized THIS!

UH OH! Obama starts interviewing replacements for Supreme Court despite Congress decision..

Wife rips off her husband’s testicles with her bare hands after he refused to do THIS!

HORRIFIC: Passengers find BABY moving around in a woman’s hand luggage mid-way through FLIGHT!

Thug ‘lured 9 yr-old child from Chicago playground‘ THEN executed him because of THIS!!!

Hilarious Defaced Bernie Sanders Yard Sign Has Gone VIRAL

Record-Setting Cosmic Structures Challenge Big Bang

Diabetes: When Blood Glucose Control Fails

Beyond The Call Of Duty; Officer Responds To A 911 Call From A Toddler-Learns Strange Reason For Call

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: patient has gross object size of a golf ball removed from his HEAD

Jewish guy pulls knife out of own neck; uses it to kill Muslim who stabbed him before THIS happens

CRAZY VIDEO of Hero Father saving his son when THIS baseball bat comes flying at his FACE!

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