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Latest Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump’s Former Butler Makes this SHOCKING Confession – Breaking!

Oh Crap! President Barack Obama May DELAY Presidential Elections!?!?

AMAZING! Dog Saves Life of Young Sleeping Boy with Diabetes

Substitute teacher was so WASTED that she couldn’t remember THIS…

OMG! Marco Rubio Just BLAMED TRUMP for Islamic Hatred Against the US! Are you Kidding Me?

DEVELOPING… Mass SHOOTING In Pennsylvania Shooting At Least 6 Dead

Donald Trump just received this SURPRISING endorsement from his former primary opponent!

VIDEO: Moderator Asks Hillary One BRUTAL Queston… She FLIPS Out

Ted Cruz attacks Trump supporters calling them ‘poorly educated’

320-million-year-old amber has flowering plant chemistry

Iron Mike Ditka Pays the Price for Being Conservative

WOW! Trump to Cut Every Single Fed. Department Except This 1… Liberals Horrified

How DO The Economies Of European Countries Compare With Individual States In The U.S.?

Little Kid With A Rare Genetic Disorder Joins The Navy SEALS For A Day Of Training

Oracle Files Suit to Force HHS Investigation of Cover Oregon Scandal

Iran Launches Two Missiles with Threat Written on Them in Hebrew: “Israel Must Be Wiped Out”

Naked Man Breaks Into a Woman’s House and Tries to Hug Her Before Pulling This CRAZY Stunt!

16-Year-Old Burned Alive Following Horrific Rape at Her Home

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