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Latest Sunday, March 13, 2016

FLASHBACK: Reagan rushed off stage by Secret Service after protester charged [VIDEO]

Heartbreaking video shows baby monkey clinging to its dead mother’s body after she was killed motorcycle accident

Man Mistaken For Dead, Left Bleeding Internally From Self-Inflicted Stab Wound, After Killing….

Muslim Husband Hacks Off Child Bride’s Nose, All Because Of THIS! SHOCKING!!!

Vile Woman Is WANTED By Police- Caught On Tape Punching Her Dog In The Face, While Doing THIS!

Leftists Show True Colors At Trump Rally Displays SHIRT That THREATENS ALL!

It Takes a Thief…

Man Hides Camera To Witness His Sick Mother’s Treatment By Own Wife – Results Are TERRIFYING!

Sheriff David Clarke Releases THIS Message To Republicans Regarding Chicago Rally UPROAR…

Here’s How Hillary Responds To Whether She’ll Drop Out of Race If Indicted

John Legend Just SLAMMED Donald Trump’s Son With This Tweet – And Nobody Finds It Funny….

‘Leaders Should Promote Unity’ Obama Said After Trump Rally – Are You Kidding?

Trump Ally, Sarah Palin Just RESPONDED To The Cruz Attacks – And WOW!

Sheriff REVEALS Obama’s Plans, Putting Us In Danger – Risking Everything To Warn Us!

Rubio Just Harpooned Americans For Islamic Hatred Against The US – Then Continues With THIS!

The School Demanded He Take His American Flags Off His Truck – Then He Gave This EPIC Response!

SMART Celebrity Drops HUGE Truth Bomb On Democrat’s Vicious Plan For America

Media is MUTE After Another Workplace Shooting – THIS Is What They Are HIDING!

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