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Latest Monday, March 14, 2016

Birth Control Allows Muslim Rapists To Keep Islamic Law

Lebanon Flight Contains Two Hellfire Missiles: Destination Portland

Al-Qaida Seizes US-donated Weapons

Satanic Vampire Ritual Goes Bad: Man Slashed To Death

Tim Tebow Fans Blamed For His Lackluster Career

Britain May Abandon EU On Democratic Grounds: US Opposes

Canada Issues Death Orders For Terminally Ill Patients

Russian Man Seeks Eternal Life Through Technology

Modern Science Traffics Aborted Baby Parts and Embryos

The Founders Were Strongly Against Slavery

VA Official DELIBERATELY Let Veterans Die, The Reason Will Make Your Blood BOIL!

WHOA! Chilling 200-Year-Old Letter Predicts WW3 — It’s ALREADY Begun!

Protester Who Rushed The Stage At Trump Rally Tweets THIS After His Release

Rush Limbaugh: The ‘Two Black Babes’ Who Promote Trump May Be Trying to Help Democrats

THIS Gorgeous Girl Loves Her Selfie – BUT Disgusted Friends SLAM Her For It! SHOCKING

Crushing Obama’s “White Privilege” agenda {Meme}

Young Bernie Sanders Said Women Fantasize about Gang Rape???

You Won’t Believe Who CNN Anchor Blames for her Child’s Misbehavior…

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