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Latest Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Inflation Forces Highway Trust Fund Insolvency: Unless Gas Tax Is Hiked

Ben Carson Says The Price of Endorsement Is A Job With Trump

Leaked Audio of Hillary Clinton…Spread this EVERYWHERE!

English and Spanish News Channels Silent on Hillary’s Claim U.S. ‘Didn’t Lose a Single Person’ in Libya

OUTRAGEOUS! We Funded Entitled Obama’s Family Gala- $20,000 Dresses for the Girls & MORE! WTH?

Well-Known Congressman demands that the BLM and Forest Service: DISARM!

Activist Says White People Should Commit This Unthinkable Act To Atone For Their ‘Privilege’

Hillary’s Campaign Could Really Use Another Bill Clinton Sex Scandal

Jean-Claude Van Damme Makes A SHOCKING Announcement Regarding Presidential Election? (VIDEO)


DISGUSTING: Sanders Issues Chilling Threat to Cops… He MUST Be Stopped

Media Go Nuts Over Alleged Tyrannosaur Missing Link

Made in the image of God

Tea-Party Conservatives Block Ryan's Budget Deal

Liberal Refugee-Sympathizer Gets Robbed By "Refugee Children" On Camera – She Can't Handle It

A New Trump Video Explains Why He Felt He Needed To Run For Office

Texas Festival Worker Tells Muslim Carrying A Sword To Remove Hijab, Bad Idea

Op-Ed: The ‘Forgotten Americans’ Are Engaged and the GOP Must Not Fail Them Again

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