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Latest Thursday, March 17, 2016

YIKES! Judge Judy in Hot Water as Massive Lawsuit Erupts

OH NO: 90% of Chicago Cops Send Stunning Message to Donald Trump

Teen Killed While Robbing Home, UNBELIEVABLE What Relatives Are Saying…

Thanks Obama: Top U.S. General Says America’s Military Would Be SCREWED If…

4 Benghazi Dead | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco 

Guess Who Was Spotted at the WH IMMEDIATELY After Obama’s SCOTUS Announcement?

Bill O’Reilly Leaves Liberal STUNNED When he Says This About Trump and Racism…

HILARIOUS video shows baby’s buggy being pulled along by an eager pack of tiny…

BOOM! Thugs Don’t Realize Their Female Target Is An MMA Fighter- Until It’s TOO LATE!

Teacher SUSPENDED Because Liberal“Black Lives Matter” Leader Was Offended by Facebook Status

VIDEO: Enjoy Eating Cereal After You See Worker Caught In DISGUSTING Act At Factory

Father Films His Toddler Son Smoking A Cigarette- Enjoyed It So Much He Made His Son Then Do THIS!

ISIS Posts “Kill List” Of DOZENS Of Police Officers…

Allen West Weighs in on Obama’s SCOTUS Nomination

Trump’s Plan if a Brokered Convention Occurs

Obama’s Nominee for SCOTUS: Rabidly Anti-Freedom

1st Amendment Destroyed by Protestors at Private Event

Liberal Bias in the Media

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