Friday, March 18, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, March 18, 2016

1 Million Christians Missing In Syria

Bizarre addiction makes this Mother uncontrollably eat ARMCHAIR and sponges slathered in toppings! What?!

Trump Promotes Violence, Government Power and Lies

Hillary Clinton Says Merrick Garland Would Defend Abortion

Florida Megachurch Fires Serial Philanderer Grandson of Billy Graham

New Jersey Town Denies Mosque Building Permit

Four-year-old boy DIES From Third-degree Burns After Stepmom Punishes Him With BOILING Water!

Twitter is going crazy: Girl Tweets “Papaw” Makes Dinner For His Six Grandkids, Only ONE Shows Up!

Muslim Refuses to Remove THIS in Court, So No-Nonsense Judge Does This

Harvard Students Debate: White Folks Should Kill Themselves Because of Their Privilege

BEAUTIFUL! This Dog’s Reaction When Her Soldier Owner Comes Home Is PRICELESS!

North Korea’s ‘Medium-Range’ Ballistic Missile LAUNCH Heightening Tensions

Whoa! New Program Brings GUNS to School To Teach Safety & Marksmanship

Killing Free Speech

Allen West: ‘If The GOP Doesn’t Allow The Voice Of The People To Be Heard, There Will Be A Revolt’

HA! Read How THIS Irish Leader Publicly Humiliates Obama!

Climate Change Denial Jail

A Hillary Supporting Super Delegate a Convicted Felon

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