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Latest Saturday, March 19, 2016

Terrorists Stab Female Soldier As She’s Getting Off A Bus – They Never Saw This Coming

Trump UNLEASHED This BRUTAL Ad On Clinton Immediately After His Big Primary Win

Woman Posts This SHOCKING Video, Then Everything Goes to Hell – Told ‘Next Time I’ll Rape You!’

Devastating Video Shows Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight

Herni and De Bird – Opposites

Herni and De Bird – Opposites | Comically Incorrect | A.F. Branco

Findings about Pluto

Mistakes about mistakes

Using "The Constitution" to Defeat Trump

Middle Schoolers Horrified After Teacher Shows Them ISIS Beheading

Lawmakers Move to Squash Executive Over-reach and Restore Balance of Powers

Fabricated Racism Disrupts Another College Campus

Obama Has Set a New Record…

Marine Suffers for 214 Days In Mexican Prison… Then Gets Paper With Trump’s Signature On It

Madonna Ripped Teenage Girl’s Shirt Off On Stage – You Won’t Believe What Her Mother Says!

“Doors Have Locks, Citizens Have Guns & Countries Have Borders.” AMEN TO THAT, SISTER!

You Ever Started A Fire With A Fruit?…Now You Can!

This Wounded Vet. Gave All…Now He’s Giving Even More To Others

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