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Latest Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UFC Heavyweight Fighter Mark Hunt Hit His Opponent With A HUGE RIGHT HOOK- Then THIS Happens!

As Brussels Burns, Obama Is Doing THIS- Embarrassment To America!

Establishment GOP Super PAC Runs Despicable Ad Featuring Nude Photo of Trump’s Wife- Low Blow

Christians See Public Schools As Dangerous

Trump Pushes Harsh Interrogation Of Terrorists

Georgia Faces Attacks From Pro-gay Companies Like Coke and NFL

Watch GOP Rep. Destroy Obama’s Defense Sec. For Not Presenting A Plan to Defeat ISIS

DEVELOPING: Suspicious package at Atlanta airport prompts evacuation

Massive Voter Fraud – IN Utah’s GOP Primary… When Will The Madness End!?

Bruce Jenner Says He Might Vote For THIS Guy – It’s Not Who You Think It Is!

Marriage and Nominal Christianity

GOP Candidates SLAM Obama for ‘going to a baseball game with the Castros’ As Brussels BURNS!

Brussels: PC Police Won't Defeat Islamic Terrorism

Hard Choices

John Kasich: Like a Lying, Cheating Husband

Supreme Court: Second Amendment Protects all Bearable Arms!

Hard Choices | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

‘Criminal Mastermind’ Gets EVEN With Dealership Who Declined His Offer To Buy A BMW…With THIS

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