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Latest Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Israeli’s Help FBI Try To Crack Open Encrypted Terrorist iPhone

7 Year-Old Ice Skater Stands Absolutely Still, Then Music Starts – You’ll Be ASTOUNDED

Free Ride

Obama On ISIS Threat Following Brussels Attack: ‘I’ve Got A Lot Of Things On My Plate…’

SHOCKING Meme Is Telling Us Why Kasich Is Still Running

So You Think Hillary Should Be President? This MEME Will Change Your Mind

Panelists on 'Morning Joe' Rip Obama's Tango and His 'Policy Choices'

50+ Law Professors Sign Open Letter: "All Lives Matter" Constitutes White Supremacy

Which Presidential Candidate is Getting the Most Attention Online?

Cartoon BRILLIANTLY Illustrates Obama’s Definition of a Terrorist- This Is Good…

This General Is About to Be Fired for Saying THIS About Obama- He Risked It All To Tell The TRUTH!

VIDEO ON TAP: Man Complains Of Ear Pain- SHOCKED To Find Out What It Was!

Trump Responds to Brussels Attack With THIS- He Does Not Speak Lightly…

Trump Issued Warning About Brussels Before Devastating Terror Attack- Does This Prove He’s Right?

Video: Man Proudly Films Fence He Built To Keep His Dog In The Yard- But Wait For It…HILARIOUS!

EPA Officials Communicated With ‘Green’ Interest Groups Using Private E-mails

NY lawmaker opposes legalizing mixed martial arts but wait till you hear his reasons


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