Friday, March 25, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, March 25, 2016

Palm Sunday and Good Friday See Drop In Pilgrims Who Walk In Jesus’ Footsteps

Don’t Screw With Mama Bear: Mother BLASTS Intruder Away to Save Her Baby

Obama Says Climate Change Bigger Threat Than ISIS

Brussels Police Arrest Six Terrorists

New Clinton Emails Discovered

Cruz Says Melania Trump Is Lovely

Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Attacker

Obama Ignores American Casualties in Belgium

Pro-gay Man Points To Bible As Authority On Gay-marriage Opposition

Baal Temple Erected In Times Square and Trafalgar Square

DELUSIONAL much? THIS GOP candidate reveals who HE would consider for VP…

Marine General Says Marine Corps Training Is Inadequate To Win Wars

Obama: ‘There’s Little Difference Between Communism And Capitalism’

Whoa Boy! Cruz Gets PISSED Over Trumps Tweet About Wife: ‘Leave Heidi the Hell Alone’

Obama Claims “Little Difference” Between These Two Things…

Too Much on His Plate…

Teachers Threatened, Intimidated: Push Common Core or Else

New Evidence Exposes Truth: Hillary Used State Dept. for Foundation Business

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