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Latest Saturday, March 26, 2016

Muslim Group Encourages Jihad in America: “Allah Has Promised Victories”

Candidate Warned Brussels in January, NY Times Made Fun

Obama Dancing while Brussels Burns

Actor Gary Sinise Does An Amazing Thing For This Wounded Veteran Who Endured Over 240 Surgeries

Giuliani: Hillary a Founding Member of ISIS

Attention Criminals: Don’t Mess With Texas, They Have a MILLION reasons why…

Shameful: Black Lives Matter leaders seen as ‘Greatest Influence’ in famous magazine

Seven Years of Barack Obama, and this CARTOON explains it all

SIMPLE TRUTH About Islam That Every ‘Tolerant’ Liberal Needs To Know

VIDEO: MASSIVE STREET BRAWL ends with 9 people charged with murder of teen, stabbed to death

Veteran, 51, dies outside New Jersey VA clinic, the cause will INFURIATE you

LBGT OUTRAGED over new COMMON SENSE law… you won’t believe the INSANITY

Mark Kirk, the First GOP Senator to Meet with Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

A Fish That Walks

Minimal Cell Challenges Naturalism

Whoopi Goldberg attacks Carson on ‘The View’ for endorsing Trump, then compares him to this…

Turns Out Brussels Jihadists Had Plans To Steal RADIOACTIVE Bomb, Here’s How…

Trump : ‘we need unpredictability’ to DESTROY ISIS…But What Is He Referring To?

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