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Latest Monday, March 28, 2016

Waitress SLAMS George And Laura Bush, After They Posed In A Pic And Left THIS Tip For Her…

Woman Seeks After Management When Seeing What THIS Clerk Did With A Phone….

This Dairy Queen Owner Is Muslim- Enacts Sharia Apartheid To Ban Certain People….

HORROR: Hillary’s Latest Fundraiser- Depicts EXACTLY What She’ll Do As President Of The U.S.

Holy Cow! Cruz Just Got A HUGE Surprise In California – Trump Will Not Like Hearing About THIS!

Our World Now- Celebration Comes To A Deadly Halt As Bomb Send Bodies Flying…

HAH! Liberals Are BAMBOOZLED Over This Pro-Gun Argument – They’ll Need To Think REALLY Hard!

Sexy Actor Chris Pratt Just Did Something LEGENDARY – To Honor The Meaning Of Easter!

Obama Dares To STOMP On American Christians- As He Persecutes ‘Little Sister Of The Poor’ Charity!

ALERT! Terrorist WARNS The US About Apocalyptic Plan ISIS Has- Names Locations…

Philly NAACP Organizes 'Get Out The Vote' Event, But There Was One GLARING Problem

FBI to Interview Hillary's Top Aides in Email Investigation

An Unsettling Discovery While Investigating Brussels and Paris Terrorist Attacks

Obama: We'll Win the War with ISIL By Welcoming Refugees and Partnering With Muslims

BREAKING– Chief Jihadist declares Brussels and Paris Are Terror Rehearsals for ‘Big’ Attack Inside U.S.

100,000 Refugees Are Coming To America…And What Does Obama Say?

‘We Don’t Adapt To Your Culture, You Adapt To Ours’ – This Mayor SLAMS Muslim Refugees

US Muslim Group ‘DEMANDS’ FBI Cancel Informant Program

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