Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You can’t be serious! Obama says he “has to much on his plate” while he is playing GOLF!

BREAKING: Mrs. Ted Cruz ends New Jersey Campaign! SHOCKING REASON WHY…


We are DOOMED! Illegal Immigrant population has EXPLODED- Here’s WHY…

The President’s Tango Partner Takes The Lead…Because Obama Is Not A Leader

The FBI, You and Hillary Clinton: The Truth!

O.M.G. Did they catch Ted’s MISTRESS?!

Has Ted Cruz always been faithful to his wife? He DODGES the question!

Obama Initiative to Quickly Give Green-Card Holders Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

The GOP Has to Get a Grip or Hillary Becomes Our Next President

ISIS extremist captures own death with body cam. GRAPHIC! [VIDEO]

BOMB kills 72 Women and Children, 300 injured near playground. HORRIFIC IMAGES

BIZARRE Tombstone Appears In Central Park- With THIS Presidential Candidate’s Name On It!

Parents TRAMPLE Toddlers In Bloody Easter Egg Hunt…

Miley Cyrus Just Unleashed This Response To Trump’s Attack On Ted Cruz’s Wife!

This Woman Needed Help In Her Restaurant Kitchen- Asked Desperate Homeless Felon, Then THIS…

THESE Cartoons Of “Famous Metropolitan Disasters” Are Really Ticking Liberals OFF- When You See It…

Mountain Biker Finds Dog Hung From A Tree- But That’s NOT The Most HORRFYING Part….

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