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Latest Thursday, March 3, 2016

After #SuperTuesday, John Kasich Drops This BOMBSHELL Announcement!

Congress Asks FBI Director About Clinton Emails

Christians Should Always Vote The Lesser of The Evils

Trump Wins: Americans Seek Refuge In Canada

Hundreds Molested By Priests In Pennsylvania

Muslim Woman Says Allah Told Her to Behead Child

Liberty University Leader Condemns Falwell’s Trump Endorsement

Evolution of Government vs. Private Sector [MEME]

Obama Sneaks Middle East Refugees Into USA Without Approval

BREAKING NEWS: Major Biblical Discovery Rocks the World – Muslims Are LIVID

UN Pushes Isolationist Sanctions Against North Korea

Alveda King Promotes Pro-life Version of Black Lives Matter

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Video of Rabbit Eating Berries is Super Cute But Kinda Scary!

GOP Super Tuesday | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

BREAKING: The Clintons’ Plan to Defeat Trump — Their HIDDEN Weapon Revealed!

HAH! Hillary Tries to Mock Trump… Gets a BRUTAL Response!

LEAKED: Trump’s Top VP Pick – YUGE Surprise!

Uh Oh… This Poll Spells BAD News for Trump

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