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Latest Saturday, March 5, 2016

This ROCKS! If This Isn’t The Most American Craigslist Ad I Have Ever Seen – Nothing Is.

She Asked For Seconds At School And Was Beat For It, When Her Father Defended Her – They Killed Him

Horrific Footage As Bloodied Father With Slit Throat, Was Buried Alive With Murdered Son And Escapes

Obama Touts 'Success' of America's Economy: "Pretty Darn Great Right Now"

More than 60,000 People are Calling for Bill Clinton's Arrest for Violating Election Laws on Super Tuesday

Priebus: Contested Convention "Highly, Highly Unlikely"

You Had NO IDEA That These Foods COULD Save Your Life

Mass Frenzied Muslim Riots Overwhelm France… Migrant Camp SHUT DOWN

Here’s Your Top GOP Candidate Connected in Damning Drug Scandal

What Is Up With THIS? Hillary Clinton Paying HERSELF HOW MUCH From Campaign Coffers?

Handing it to Hillary – Confusion by Design

UH OH: Obama CONFIRMS He’s NOT Leaving DC? This Is Chilling…

HAH! Liberal Hypocrisy on Personal Choice BRILLIANTLY Exposed [MEME]

Herman Cain Issues a Massive Announcement About Donald Trump

It’s HERE: Terrifying Virus Sweeping the US!

BREAKING: Mob of Muslims Do the Unthinkable to These Teen Girls

Meme BRUTALLY Questions Obama’s Gun Control Motives

You’d NEVER Expect THIS to Happen When George Lopez Challenges Trump…

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