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Latest Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kasich staffer fired for alleged domestic violence arrest 

DEMOCRATS EXPOSED! New Film “Hillary’s America” Is Scariest Thing You’ll Ever See- Do You Agree?

Muslim Uses These 7 Words – To Justify Using Boiling Oil To Melt Off His Wife’s Face….

BOOM: THIS School Delivers Brutal Message About School Prayer- And It’s EPIC!

UH OH Is Donald Trump Having A Meltdown?

THIS Is What Just One Good Guy With A Gun Can Do Up Against SEVERAL Thugs…. WATCH!

BREAKING: Rubio’s MISTRESSES Have Been Identified – This Changes Everything….

She Thought Dad Was Stupid For Being Republican – His Response Changed Everything!

Man Refused To Let Woman Inside Hotel Without Reservation – Then Up Walks Trump

Refugees To Receive White Envelopes – What’s Inside? Will Make Your Head Spin…

SICK! Migrants Gang Rape 14-Yr Old Schoolgirl- All The While Another Girl Stands Nearby Doing THIS!

American Patriot Ditches Filters – Tells Us Why We Need Trump In THIS Viral Video

Young Children Are Sent Scrambling After Witnessing An Execution In The Middle Of A Super Market

BLM, MSM Playing Up Anti-Trump Protest Drama – But It's Not the Truth

Obama Adds Two More Judges to the List of Those Being Vetted for SCOTUS Seat

Making Up a Fake Hate Crime Hoax is OK, Says Professor

When Did Laughing about Killing a Presidential Candidate become OK?

The Blame for Government Disfunction Rests With…

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