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Latest Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bernie the Bum | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco 

HORROR: Jihadists Target Catholic Nursing Home … What They Do Next Is Beyond Heinous!

BOOM! This Upcoming Conservative Star Drops THIS 5 Word Bombshell About President Obama

Bernie’s Parents

Video Of Heisman Winner Accepting Christ

Conceived in Rape: Grown Man Tells Story Of Love

Ted Cruz’s Past Is Leaked (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney’s Record As Liberal As Trump’s

Empty Nesters

China Ready To Foreclose After Zillow Releases White House Real Estate Value

Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Just SLAMMED Hillary Clinton’s Ego With His Endorsement!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Presidential Endorsement… This Is A Game Changer!

ALERT: Obama’s Gun Control Plan Bans Guns for Social Security Beneficiaries – But There’s More…

BREAKING: Trump Just Got MAJOR News – You WON’T Believe It!

VIDEO: “Run Catch That Woman!” Trump Thinks FAST, When Woman Interrupts Rally

Man Who Lived With Trump 50 Years Ago Drops Bombshell TRUTH- You Will Not Believe IT!

Man Who Lived With Trump 50 Years Ago Drops Bombshell TRUTH – You Will Not Believe IT!

DNA repair mechanisms ‘shout’ creation

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